Kismet Clinic expands to new space to accommodate additional ketamine patients

Kismet Clinic’s new space in Boca Raton has been developed to be the perfect set and setting to give patients one of their breakthrough treatments for ketamine treatment for depression, addiction, PTSD, and anxiety. Patients are treated in a zen like environment that allows them to have the best possible environment for healing. Ketamine is FDA approved as an anesthetic, and has been proven to break depressions and addiction in a matter of hours. A comprehensive Yale University study documented that patients suffering from depression who have a series of low dose infusions of ketamine saw even treatment resistant depression broken within hours. CNN recently reported that the FDA has found ketamine to be so effective that they have fast tracked it for approval as a substitute for traditional antidepressants. At Kismet Clinic in Boca Raton Florida, Dr John Sortino has been treating patients for the last two years using ketamine with incredible results. “Usually when people come to us it’s when they have tried everything else and those things have not worked, as soon as they have the low dose ketamine treatment they instantly know that this is something different than they have ever experienced in the past” said Medical Director Doctor John Sortino . The protocol is to do 6 treatments over the course of two to four weeks to allow the treatment to have permanence. Kismet Clinic’s holistic protocol is different than other ketamine treatment centers because it includes guidance and lifestyle training including meditation to give the patients a way to tap back into their experience and a daily practice to keep them on the right track going forward. Dr John Sortino has formulated a low dose ketamine nasal spray so that patients can have the most successful after care program possible. The nasal spray allows them to have the ketamine metabolizing in their body over the long term, which has proven to be the key element in building new neural pathways and stripping away depression. Kismet Clinic’s patients who are suffering from addiction have found relief in the ketamine protocol as well. Spiritual Director Mike “Zappy” Zapolin has helped Dr Sortino to create the best environment and after care program possible, so that clients get the very most from their treatment and have an experience that last for the rest of their lives.

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