Kismet Clinic in Boca Raton is having breakthroughs with their patients suffering from addiction by using a low dose ketamine treatment.

Because addiction is usually about some underlying issue of depression, or PTSD the only way to solve it is to go deep inside ones own mind, and into their soul. Kismet Clinic in Palm Beach County is using low dose ketamine treatment to break addiction by helping patients to go inside themselves and heal themselves in a matter of minutes. Ketamine is a powerful dissasociative, which means that it is disacociating areas of the brain that are normally communicating with each other, often times people get stuck in a negative pattern, with no way to break it other than going beyond their conscious mind. Pateints suffering from addiction are having a breakthrough on ttheir vvery first treatment, they are then having a series of 5 more treatments over 2 to 4 weeks.   This disasociation allows them to see their lives and issues from a different perspective. Spiritual Director at Kismet Clinic Mike “Zappy” Zapolin says “Our patients are reprting that in their first treatment they see that the things that have happeed to them are things that happened, but it’s not who they are.” Medical Director Dr John Sortino says “When someone is able to see their issues from a different perspective, without fear or judgement they can do years of therapy in a matter of hours.” Ketamine has been studied at Yale University and recently the Journal of American Medical Association and the National Institute of Health have confirmed that ketamine is breaking major mental illness in hours rather than months and years. Ketamine has been fast tracked by the FDA to be used as a replacement for traditional antidepressants. Kismet Clinic has done hundred of infusion treatments on patients ranging from addiction, depression, PTSD, suicidal ideations, and anxiety.

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