Kismet Clinic practices a holistic approach to ketamine treatment, combining ketamine infusions, meditation, and low dose nasal inhalers, a unique combination that give patients a lifetime of wellness.


Our medical staff has been working with ketamine treatment for years and has successfully treated people suffering from suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, OCD, and other serious mental health issues. By giving patients a holistic approach, Kismet Clinic sets itself apart from other ketamine doctors who don’t understand how to maximize the experience and give it permanence. Our unique protocol gives you the breakthrough you need right away, it then allows you to tap back into your experience on a daily basis. Over the long term, it builds enough muscle memory up in your brain, that you are no longer suffering, but are instead living in a state of joy.


Ketamine doctors in other States refer us their own patients when the cases are very serious or when the patients are visiting Florida.  They understand the level of care we provide and they want the patient to have the best experience possible. We believe that being in the right setting for the ketamine treatment is critical. Patients get maximum benefit from the ketamine treatment because it is a balance approach that works over the long term.  Most patients have already tried traditional methods of treatment without the level of success they desire.  Ketamine for depression and addiction works very quickly and provides long term results.

Dr. Michael Ligotti

Dr. Michael Ligotti, Kismet Clinic’s principle physician, is double board-certified in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine. Dr. Ligotti has been practicing in Delray Beach for well over a decade and specializes in primary care and addiction medicine.

Mike “Zappy” Zapolin

(Spiritual Director)

Zappy is a strong advocate for going inside ones own mind for answers and healing. Zappy has developed and delivered meditation programs for large corporations, treatment centers, and celebrity clients.  By combining leading edge medications with a daily meditation practice, patients have the tools they need to achieve a lifetime of success over the issues they face.  Zappy is a thought leader in the natural plants space, he spent 5 years researching the subject and creating the award winning documentary film “The Reality Of Truth” featuring actress Michelle Rodriguez and Deepak Chopra.  The film earned Zappy the Van Gogh award for documentary directing at the prestigious Amsterdam Film Festival.  The film is about the importance of going inside your own mind, and features thought leaders including Joel Osteen, Ram Dass, Dr Drew, Marianne Williamson, and many more.  Zappy believes that once people have the breakthrough using ketamine to overcome their depression or addiction, that it’s vital that they have a way to tap back into that experience for the rest of their lives, and meditation is that bridge.

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