The ketamine procedure is only a 45-minutes and creates lifelong results

officeAt Kismet Clinic, the treatments are done through a very simple outpatient ketamine procedure. Patients start with a consultation and physical to determine if the treatment is right for them. Throughout the process, every patient is navigated by a clinical coordinator to guarantee a simple, painless procedure with all of the support they need along the way. Patients who respond positively to the ketamine treatment are urged to continue the treatment which science has shown has a cumulative effect. This is an off-label use of Ketamine, meaning that this medication is FDA approved, but has not been approved by the FDA for use in place of an antidepressant. However, Ketamine is used regularly as an anesthetic, and its safety and effectiveness have been demonstrated in a plethora of research studies. Off-Label prescribing is an extremely common and necessary practice in all fields of medicine.  Ketamine’ ability to cause disassociation in the brain gives patients an immediate breakthrough, and in the hours after the treatment as the ketamine metabolizes it continues to work on building synapses in the brain.


The ketamine procedure distributes the medicine gradually over a 45-minute period. The first 10 minutes usually go without any noticeable effects. At the 10 minute mark is normally when patients start to feel the effects of the medication. Some report a feeling of “lightness”, “floating”, or euphoria. Sometimes patients will experience some numbness in the toes or around the mouth area. Over the course of the last 20 minutes, the effects start to build up so at the end of the infusion the medication has reached its peak intensity. Other common feelings include: euphoria, a feeling of being “disconnected” or in a dream, heightened perception (background noise may seem louder, colors or lights are more intense), and a feeling that people often describe as “weird, odd, different, or interesting”. Less common side effects patients report are headaches and sweating. These feelings start to subside approximately 10-15 minutes after the treatment is complete.   Most patients report having a life changing experience, some referring to it as a “spiritual experience” that gives them a new perspective on their daily life and their ability to handle things. During the experience ketamine procedure and hours after when the ketamine is metabolizing, patient have reported feeling the depression and suicidal thoughts being stripped away. There is no other treatment available that works as quickly and deeply to eliminate treatment resistant depression and PTSD.