FAQs on ketamine treatment

Ketamine treatments are for patients that are severely depressed or suicidal and have tried traditional therapies with no relief.

The infusion takes about an hour and you will be required to stay in the office for observation for an hour after the treatment. Bring a book or tablet with you to help pass the time.

We will not give the treatment to anyone that tests positive for cocaine or non-prescribed narcotics.

Since one of the possible side effects is elevated blood pressure, anyone with uncontrolled high blood pressure would have to first regulate their blood pressure.

No, you should keep taking all of your medications that you currently take.

No, the ketamine is given in too low a dose to become addictive.

No, since one of the possible side effects is nausea, it is recommended that you not eat anything for two hours before the treatment.

Approximately 30% of patients will not respond to the treatment, however there is no way to know if you will respond or not.  You will know after the second treatment if you will respond.

There is no way to predict how long the treatment will last for you as everyone responds differently.  We will be happy to discuss with you the different treatment options and tailor a treatment schedule tailored to your needs.